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[texts]Witchcraft and Sorcery Volume 1 Number 5

Keywords: fisher; cromek; lowena; logan; chuck; hut; fantasy; benedict; john stuart; thai; prince henry; ihe wind; momentary ghost; science fiction; wind magic; professor windrow; young man; ashton smith; dark door
Downloads: 1,745
[texts]Dime Mystery Magazine Volume 17 Number 1 April 1938 (Popular Publications)

Keywords: eyes; dime; mystery; enden; face; stood; cameron; stewart; dime mystery; kelland; dread desire; southern express; mystery magazine; remington noiseless; doctor kelland; paper dolls; quadrangle club; flame goddess; mary russell
Downloads: 1,520 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Mammoth Adventure Volume 1 Number 3 (Ziff-Davis Publishing)

Keywords: rush; stacey; buzz; devore; mammoth; adventure; inca; deacon; mammoth adventure; indian; howard english; split map; crazy indian; puncu nugget; tunca puncu; tumi hayta; judge english; rush randall; buzz casey
Downloads: 1,108 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Girl Watcher Magazine (Bonanza) Issue #2

Keywords: girl; watcher; ami; goddess; lime; ihr; wanna; cirl; girl watcher; ihc; love goddess; kitten type; girl watching; dear girl; strawberry birthmark; pretty girls
Downloads: 1,053
[texts]Adventure Volume 121 Number 1 May 1945 (Popular Publications)

Keywords: messer; duardo; captain; chugger; adventure; ambrose; genoese; dan; jock; messer duardo; holy moses; captain duardo; john lane; messer piero; john donnelly; belle kate; shining stones; moses murphy; shark bait
Downloads: 870 (1 review)
[texts]Dime Mystery Magazine Volume 33 Number 4 September 1946 (Popular Publications)

Keywords: snips; larry; sandy; maxe; lew; gun; frazer; eyes; sam lester; dirk; craig manton; black market; black john; lew polio; uncle deak; fat man; william rough; dead men; ken lewis
Downloads: 836
[texts]Hush Hush Magazine Volume 7 Number 36

Keywords: fort; sonny; lauderdale; hollywood; beverly; diane; hypnosis; baumholder; fort lauderdale; cops; high school; figure slimmer; sonny liston; air conditioning; call girl; phone company; errol flynn; pay postman; diane varsi
Downloads: 755
[texts]Uncensored Detective Magazine Volume 2 Number 6

Keywords: caskey; childers; kean; valdez; send; smith; detective; worm; grace smith; sheriff; detective captain; deputy round; log chain; pay postman; tommy worm; mail coupon; three men; chief kean; caskey asked
Downloads: 751
[texts]Playboy 1962.09 The Bloody Pulps
Playboy 1962.09 The Bloody Pulps
Keywords: pulps; pulp; adventures; doc; buffalo; tales; shadow; magazine; adventure; stories; doc savage; buffalo bill; thrilling wonder; spicy detective
Downloads: 744
[texts]Hush Hush Magazine Volume 9 Number 44

Keywords: cassius; hollywood; pills; liz; holden; khan; sex; liston; cassius clay; clay; high school; bill holden; sleeping pills; sex goddess; career institute; sam sheppard; spare time; aga khan; sample lesson
Downloads: 743
[texts]Uncanny Tales (November 1940)
Uncanny Tales (November 1940)
Keywords: thai; tales; zola; uncanny; hut; howett; lie; looglay; uncanny tales; talking heads; day zaung; turned round; tin gyi; jeff adams; doctor zola
Downloads: 713 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[texts]Adam Magazine (Volume 31, Number 1)

Keywords: becker; grenfell; tanaka; gant; ikari; starker; cortino; larsen; quirie; captain ikari; years ago; lovelies laug; danielle filuk; alan heard; white city; three years; three men; les grenfell; laug lovelies
Downloads: 612
[texts]Jungle Stories Spring 1954 (Fiction House)

Keywords: sheena; bambala; jungle; bob; tamba; chim; trail; bearers; eyes; white man; jungle girl; jungle stories; bob reilly; yellow eyes; three men; sheena stood; feet touched; blonde girl; black warriors
Downloads: 594 2.00 out of 5 stars2.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Detective Tales Volume 28 Number 3 October 1944 (Popular Publications)

Keywords: duke; jake; dave; ellen; bart; gun; manny; eyes; detective tales; jimmy; thirty years; left hand; van ellban; joe jeremy; bill frane; barbara renfew; aunt louisa; daughter murders; duke stood
Downloads: 591
[texts]Girl Watcher Magazine (Bonanza) Issue #1

Keywords: thai; girl; die; waitkus; leafs; gilfoyle; watcher; earl; girl watcher; ami; loaded gun
Downloads: 581
[texts]Adam Magazine (Volume 4, Number 4)

Keywords: rob; parker; armand; louann; ferencz; adam; lalaurie; lentz; angeles; los angeles; buddy lentz; stag party; golden valley; monte carlo; dirtiest book; years ago; special coverage; madame lalaurie; liane morrelli
Downloads: 569
[texts]Real Men Magazine Volume 10 Number 10 (Stanley)

Keywords: sex; bette; kennedy; send; coupon; jim; men; sexual; bette morse; mel; capra gems; mail coupon; jim kennedy; energy chamber; high school; female sex; meadow valley; crash weight; free book
Downloads: 544
[texts]Day Donald B. - Index To The Science Fiction Magazines 1926-1950-Ak Jpg
Day Donald B. - Index To The Science Fiction Magazines 1926-1950-Ak Jpg
Keywords: asf; amz; dec; oct; jun; nov; jul; feb; aug; sep; asf jul; asf nov; asf oct; asf sep; asf jan; asf feb; asf aug; asf dec; asf mar; asf jun
Downloads: 540
[texts]Adventure Volume 30 Number 1 July 3, 1921 (Popular Publications)

Keywords: brick; michael; yuh; clavijo; rudolfo; silent; adventure; bunty; grand cham; bembo; captain blood; zell mohr; lord bob; king cleeve; three star; sin chang; michael beam; scott martin; general howard
Downloads: 515
[texts]Crack Detective Magazine Volume 4 Number 2 (Columbia)

Keywords: dink; bingler; art; crandall; eyes; detective; orchids; clint; crack detective; werner; captain donovan; false teeth; joe stucci; green eyes; big bill; crack defective; mysterious character; harvey wilson; white linen
Downloads: 502
[texts]Cosmic Stories (AK)

Keywords: cosmic; thinsell; stories; tion; boyle; wing; randolph; cantrell; cosmic stories; planet; real thrill; cosmian league; red death; short wave; van dorn; secret album; young people; wing commander; alexander hertford
Downloads: 475
[texts]Whisper Magazine Volume 3 Number 7

Keywords: coupon; send; sex; chicago; hair; carroll; mail; color; skin; pay postman; mail coupon; purchase price; deputy sheriff; secret album; scientific crime; palm reading; hope diamond; con girl; carrying case
Downloads: 464
[texts]Action Volume 1 Number 5 October 1953 (Picture Magazines)

Keywords: coupon; captain; junex; kinsey; gambler; free; send; chicago; mail; junex method; sweet kiss; pay postman; kinsey report; air support; air force; sexual behavior; mail coupon; drilling barge; colonel faith
Downloads: 455
[texts]dirty pictures 003 - pulp art of the 1930s
dirty pictures 003 - pulp art of the 1930s
Keywords: spicy; appeared; originally; dirty; mystery; art; pulps; barreaux; pictures; malibu; originally appeared; spicy mystery; dirty pictures; naughty art; spicy detective; clint morgan; spicy western; morgan originally; mario originally
Downloads: 416
[texts]Adam Magazine (Volume 12, Number 5)

Keywords: blake; telsa; gerald; antoinette; felton; thorn; marie; thom; marie antoinette; duck hunting; house publishing; holloway house; double agent; wormwood scrubs; george blake; west german; thorn watched; telsa turned
Downloads: 413
[texts]The Black Cat Magazine

Keywords: send; cents; ami; free; catalogue; mail; hut; postal; lady florence; postal card; herbert spencer; cranitonic hair; harrison ely; full cigar; rolled cicar; quaker oats; young man; black cat
Downloads: 411
[texts]Startling Stories

Keywords: curt; ezra; shaler; garrand; kirkendall; startling; shandakor; baldwin; curt newton; otho; ezra looked; curt looked; ezra gurney; jerome shaler; startling stories; human tribes; long ago; simon wright; three times
Downloads: 410
[texts]A. Merritt's Fantasy Magazine (Volume 1, Number 2)

Keywords: darrell; smoking; fantasy; eyes; priestess; goddess; sylvia; looked; merritts fantasy; smoking land; three lines; seal maiden; wise men; good deal; cleve darrell; white dog; great deal; pere legouffre
Downloads: 405
[texts]Adventure Volume 92 Number 4 June 15, 1935 (Popular Publications)

Keywords: tros; men; mclarden; conops; etion; man; adventure; porton; jim bowie; tom; ten jews; summer hand; drifter mclarden; frenchy doucette; man pryor; white men; colonel crain; lord captain; white man
Downloads: 397
[texts]Eerie Tales #001

Keywords: bart; rita; caleb; gibson; kreuger; haines; hans; lloyd; hulda; ampera; bart ryan; address city; lloyd haines; horror fan; liz gibson; fred judson; mighty muscles; hans kreuger
Downloads: 378
[texts]Jungle Stories Volume 4 Number 11 (Fictionhouse) Summer 1950

Keywords: jungle; nepah; teeva; atlantis; ramon; eyes; guards; tembu; white lord; white; matto grosso; grosso fury; tembu george; jungle stories; high priest; second empire; father dill; jungle man; three men
Downloads: 375
[texts]The Farmer's Wife Volume 35 Number 10

Keywords: madge; baking; hoopes; farm; listerine; mary; bates; tommy; high school; neil; yeast foam; pork sausage; farm women; laying house; eagle brand; lux toilet; years ago; baking powder; lemon juice
Downloads: 362
[texts]Golden Argosy Magazine Volume 6 Number 21 (April 21, 1988)
Golden Argosy Magazine Volume 6 Number 21 (April 21, 1988)
Keywords: golden; rowly; replying; percy; walsingham; burglars; argosy; raby; mention golden; tom; young lady; story commenced; sir edward; golden medical; mistress anita; young people; golden argosy; magic lantern; nickel plated
Downloads: 323 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Adam Magazine (Volume 24, Number 1)

Keywords: mckeon; cordelia; title; dunning; marvin; ike; hugh; macdill; won; dream bandit; john dunning; angus macdill; general pate; san francisco; chief dolan; cordelia botkin; australian heavyweight; weight title; top layer
Downloads: 319
[texts]Nostalgia Illustrated v2n006 (1975) (Mal32 & Gambit)
Nostalgia Illustrated v2n006 (1975) (Mal32 & Gambit)
Keywords: marilyn; gershwin; garfield; wheeler; johnny; nostalgia; whiteman; shepard; deco; houdini; nostalgia illustrated; aeolian hall; philip morris; john garfield; snow white; sex symbol; movie star; marilyn monroe; art deco; three years
Downloads: 316
[texts]If - Worlds Of Science Fiction v01n03 [Quinn] (Jul 1952) (Gorgon776)
If - Worlds Of Science Fiction v01n03 [Quinn] (Jul 1952) (Gorgon776)
Keywords: sahl; faron; parn; uncle; alaia; joy; martian; glanced; shook; uncle peter; bag ears; science fiction; aunt gretchen; ralph sholto; faron qun; sahl glanced; wolek parn; mari wolf; postman cometh
Downloads: 313
[texts]The Black Cat Magazine

Keywords: janet; bigelow; cecilia; ned; vaughton; ring; man; monsieur; jim; mules; trace chains; original short; bigelow house; cousin robert; shortstory publishing; weak organ; false beard; san benito; high seat; jim looked
Downloads: 305
[texts]10 Story Book Volume 33 Number 1 July 1934 (Sun Publications)

Keywords: eph; dey; dat; cindy; tombigbee; eyes; fairy; hiram; white lie; stepin; corn fed; white men; garrard harris; uncle eph; sporting chance; slanghouse cindy; white folks; sac city; warner brothers
Downloads: 304
[texts]Pett's Annual (Thomas Publishing) 1944

Keywords: angel; dora; parrott; daphne; syrinx; strip; cinderella; hekyll; lord hekyll; young; prince charming; lady hekyll; ugly sisters; young man
Downloads: 303
[texts]If - Worlds Of Science Fiction v08n04 (1958-06.Quinn)(AKv1.0)
If - Worlds Of Science Fiction v08n04 (1958-06.Quinn)(AKv1.0)
Keywords: lora; duran; leon; aunt; wayne; ship; mattie; sheilah; johnny; aunt mattie; high dragon; gift horse; science fiction; distant earth; dragon bump; bertram chandler; mark clifton; true wife; coast guard
Downloads: 301
[texts]10 Story Western Volume 41 Number 1 December 1949 (Popular Publications)

Keywords: tott; arbo; davy; bristow; eyes; mohawk; trail; yorey; western magazine; yuh; davy mather; whistling pete; story western; dave mohawk; kell arbo; coll lake; yellow devil; bill knight; tott crovet
Downloads: 295
[texts]Blighty Magazine 0487

Keywords: blighty; freddy; umbrella; savold; february; prudence; jim; pipp; joe; mcgillicuddy; best thing; prudence potter; apollo jones; roderick pipp; territorial army; blighty february; lost property
Downloads: 294
[texts]Golden Argosy Magazine Volume 6 Number 20 (April 14, 1888)
Golden Argosy Magazine Volume 6 Number 20 (April 14, 1888)
Keywords: jeffreys; golden; rowly; walsingham; beaver; exclaimed; tom; replying; mention golden; mention; bumble bees; bullock cart; young fellow; small eagle; rung rao; poor fellow; story commenced; large eagle; young man
Downloads: 285
[texts]Ginger Stories Volume 1 Number 8 (King)

Keywords: jerry; hilda; send; ginger; educator; stoddard; stories; coupon; ginger stories; postman; carlton mills; bred girl; pay postman; mortimer wilks; york city; ginger bred; park row; motion picture; young woman
Downloads: 278
[texts]Click Magazine Volume 2 Number 2

Keywords: click; scalp; benda; hollywood; reno; vitex; photos; earl; zonite; dollar book; book club; motion picture; vitex hair; radio digest; publicity man; panama canal; opening night; national picture; jackson hole
Downloads: 270
[texts]If - Worlds Of Science Fiction v06n03 [Quinn] (Apr 1956) (AKv1.0)
If - Worlds Of Science Fiction v06n03 [Quinn] (Apr 1956) (AKv1.0)
Keywords: brett; jonner; jacques; robot; seneca; oglethorpe; harper; george; paul; white collar; chief justice; chrome pastures; general oglethorpe; life hutch; human error; space command; nat holt; atom drive; charles fontenay
Downloads: 268
[texts]illustration 3
illustration 3
Keywords: illustration; art; george; iverd; sep; paintings; rockwell; cover; maguire; eugene; evening post; norman rockwell; eugene iverd; cover paintings; john dickson; janet louise; peggy gaddis; dickson carr; cover art; rockwell museum
Downloads: 266
[texts]Islands in the Sky (1956.Winston) - Arthur C. Clarke
Islands in the Sky (1956.Winston) - Arthur C. Clarke
Keywords: islands; sky; space; commander; station; earth; gravity; ship; doyle; commander doyle; morning star; inner station; tim benton; space station; science fiction; ihe sky; good deal; starlight hotel; star turn
Downloads: 264
[texts]pulp heroes 001
pulp heroes 001
Keywords: pulp; weapon; skill; lhe; thai; martial; bonus; vou; characters; martial artist; pulp era; private eye; weapon proficiency; skill points; sense motive; saving throw; working class; sneak attack; power level
Downloads: 262
[texts]American Woodsman Volume 3 Number 11

Keywords: woodsman; fishing; fish; lake; albino; pike; trout; american; american woodsman; lure; fish juice; top oil; grey lady; cat fish; sleeping bag; breeding stock; spinning reel; northern pike; spinning rod
Downloads: 256
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